NASBA Compliant CPE Webcasts

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Instructor Background

I am an author and award-winning instructor that has taught tax-related and other continuing professional education (CPE) courses since 2009. One of my primary objectives is to convey information on technical topics in an interesting, engaging, and understandable way. I measure my success based on whether participants leave my courses with knowledge and skills they can practically apply to issues they face on the job.

Sample Course Attendee Comments

"[Trent] took extremely complex material and made it 'bite-size' so that I could understand it.  [He had a] very well thought out presentation and examples."

"One of the most relevant CPE sessions ever.  The practical application was greatly appreciated, and Trent is a fabulous presenter.  He made a difficult topic easier to understand."

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ASC 740 Tax Accounting in Plain English

These webcasts explain in plain English the "how" and "why" of tax accounting concepts and mechanics according to ASC 740 (U.S. GAAP). The courses are based on a series of tax provision examples that start with a trial balance, work through tax provision calculations, and develop the necessary accounting entries to close the books. They also explain how these work products come together to support the tax-related figures and explanations in the financial statements and footnotes. In summary, these webcasts contain the foundational knowledge necessary to learn, understand, and apply the complex rules of ASC 740 in real-world settings.

Alteryx for Accounting, Tax and Finance Professionals

Dealing with massive amounts of messy data as part of Microsoft Excel™ calculations has traditionally been an enormously labor-intensive and time-consuming challenge for accounting, tax, and finance professionals. My courses and book explain how Alteryx™ can be used to address these challenges in a progressive, step-by-step manner. This material is includes financial and other examples that matter to accounting, tax and finance professionals. If you've been searching for a better, faster and more accurate way to organize large amounts of data that feed into and support complex Excel calculations, these are the courses that you’ve been looking for!