Corporate Tax Contractor | Tax Loan Staff

As a tax professional, I’m fixated on productivity to the point that I spent four years researching the writing the CPE course “Tax Department Productivity – People, Processes and Technology.”  In parallel with this project, I've been an independent contractor in the tax group of a Fortune 500 company, constantly applying, testing and refining my findings as part of day-to-day projects and assignments.

I develop CPE courses (and write books) because I feel a desire to share what I have learned with other tax professionals.  My preferred method for doing so is in-person seminars because I’m energized by people who share enthusiasm for delving deeper into subjects I’m excited about.  I also enjoy the challenge of tailoring my courses to make them as interesting, engaging, and as relevant as possible.  And finally, I love being part of the “ah-ha” moments that come from sharing knowledge, insights, and experiences while developing new and meaningful professional relationships in the process.  

See the Courses page for further information, and feel free to contact me if my approach to CPE and the subject matter I cover resonates with you.  And see the Services page for more information on my background, accomplishments and experience as a Fortune 500 independent tax contractor.