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My Service Offerings & Value Proposition

As a corporate tax contractor, I work in the details as an individual contributor because it keeps me at the cutting edge of productivity.  I'm known for producing accurate and on-time deliverables that are clean, logically organized, tightly referenced, and easy for reviewers to follow.  The combination of my skill, experience, level of production, cost-effective rate, and ability to work with minimal direction offers tremendous value and flexibility to tax leaders.

I've been described as a "free safety" because I help tax departments with a wide variety of projects on an as-needed basis.  I love playing this role because of the variety, and also because working in a "live fire" setting gives me constant opportunities to add relevance to my books and CPE courses.

See below for a sample of my accomplishments, and also refer to my LinkedIn profile for further information on my background and experience.  The Rates page outlines the logistics of engaging me if you need temporary help.

Tax Contractor | Tax Loan Staff - Representative Skills & Accomplishments

Following are examples of my accomplishments as a Fortune 500 independent tax contractor.

  • I re-engineered, streamlined, and validated for audit a complex Excel model of a $14B merger transaction.
  • I combined the use of Alteryx, Excel and Hyperion (Smart View) to prepare an audit-ready SOX controls model to validate core elements of US international tax calculations in the year-end provision.
  • I have created numerous step plans for internal restructuring transactions and external acquisitions.
  • I have created accounting templates to align with step plans, including one for an internal transaction involving U.S. and foreign entities with journal entries that exceeded $1B. 
  • Using Corptax, I was a team member on a large-scale 5471/8858 tax compliance project.
  • I have analyzed numerous tax-related calculations and designed streamlined SOX procedures that have improved efficiency, consistency, accuracy, referencing, and reviewability.
  • I designed and prepared a tax reform-related cash equivalents calculation that covered 100+ foreign entities and exceeded $1B.
  • I completed one-off E&P computations for 100+ foreign entities in a single, cleanly prepared workbook.
  • I have responded to numerous tax compliance and planning external needs lists, IDRs, Big 4 audit inquiries, and I have completed many other ad hoc projects.

These accomplishments have demonstrated the following skills:

  • I expertly use software tools (Excel, Alteryx, HFM's Smart View, etc.) to complete complex tax projects with large data populations.
  • I have a thorough understanding of financial accounting, as well as how to extract, validate, and manipulate accounting data directly from the GL for tax compliance and planning purposes.
  • With client approval and support, I routinely communicate as needed with internal corporate personnel (across departments and countries) and their external advisors to obtain data and information, to resolve or clarify technical issues, and push through bottlenecks to get things done.

See my Rates page for a summary of how to engage me to get the expert help that you need.

General Tax Consulting

While my focus is longer-term corporate tax contractor work, I am open to shorter-term consulting projects as my schedule allows.